Hydraulic Dolly

In 1984, brothers Cloyd and John Forsht were searching for an easier way to move and install burial vaults.  Working on the back of an old calendar sheet, they spent months developing the "Hydraulic Dolly."  After a lifetime of working in the mountains of Pennsylvania and dealing with the hard winters, they knew that four wheel drive was a must.  And over 40 years in the burial vault business had taught them that a low center of gravity was essential for safety.  The brothers' experience and determination resulted in a successful design that dramatically improved the ease and safety of installing concrete burial vaults.  Since the first prototype was built, the Hydraulic Dollies they created have been used nearly every day by both their own company and numerous other burial vault companies and cemeteries.


In 2013, Richard (Rick) G. Rhodes, Jr. purchased Hydraulic Dolly from the son and nephew of the original inventors.  Rick had used the Forsht dollies at his own burial vault company for 15 years and recognized that the Hydraulic Dolly was the safest and easiest method for transporting and installing burial vaults.  With his extensive end user experience, Rick brought ideas for refining and improving upon the successful design, resulting in the Hydraulic Dolly manufactured today.

Hydraulic Dolly Attributes: